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In today’s market, the last thing a company needs is another complication or problem with their labeling.

There are UL requirements, environmental considerations and user interface issues that a company needs to consider. New products are challenging enough to get to market without even considering new graphics. Product development for the new projects are always under a time schedule that meets marketing needs, but can leave engineering with a scheduling nightmare.

Your staff needs prototypes and answers now, not within a few weeks. This is a perfect example of why our solutions provide extreme value. Our staff has over three decades of experience and will be an extension of your team to provide substrate, adhesive selection and solutions that will save time and money.

Our services

At Sterling Screen Printing, we engage our client’s projects with a passion to provide the best possible product at the best price, delivered on time. Our team will strive to earn your business and appreciate the opportunity to do so.

Our staff can create and submit blueprints that are accurate and reflect the best industry practices. Your team may edit them and drop our team’s work into your drawings. This solution alone will save scores of hours in your engineering department.

Have a product that is not documented well, or a new company purchase that has not documented their designs? Give us a call so we can reverse engineer the construction and provide the correct documentation. Send us a part and we will take it from there. This can save your staff many hours of extra work!


Our team can provide solutions to your quick turnaround needs. We have invested in the latest computer engineering and printing technology that provides economy and reduced costs. Our experienced highly trained staff utilize a wide variety of the most advanced materials and construction methods available.

Our proactive purchasing programs of raw material has helped mitigate the delay in procuring materials, which in turn provides our customers with the best possible ship dates in the industry. The long-term relationships we have cultivated with our suppliers directly translates to better prices for our client’s bottom line.

If you are looking for solutions, Sterling Screen Printing can provide:

Laser-cut samples with or without adhesive to confirm fit and function

In house graphic department, film production that delivers on demand film so changes are fast tracked

Data sheets on best fit materials to facilitate selection

Excellent documentation that saves engineering time

Programs that allow for a discount or at no charge with a commitment of an order (please call for details)

Send us the housing and we will custom fit the graphics for a quick solution to common problems of fit on molded or aluminum back plates.

In-house ink management systems to assure colors are correct every order


Prototyping a new product can become expensive quickly. Not prototyping can become a financial disaster and delay the product roll out. Our team is here to help reduce the cost of development and insure the product performs for your client.

Having our team at your side at the beginning of a project will save countless hours of design time. We have the experience to help select the most cost effective material, tail exit location and manufacturing processes to best fit your unique needs. Our team will augment your engineering staff by providing documentation of construction and blueprints. This will free up time for your design team to tackle other tasks.

Not sure who made your last overlay project or if the drawings are complete? No worries—send us the sample and we will reverse engineer it and provide detailed drawings and prototypes so you can feel comfortable resourcing the work to our team.

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Since most of our business is conducted via email or text, we recognize that when a customer calls on the telephone they need immediate attention. We go to great lengths to have personnel available during business hours to answer questions and resolve issues.

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