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Let our almost three decades of experience help you succeed in today’s markets.
Sterling Screen Printing is a close tolerance graphics house that focuses on original equipment manufacturer’s needs for panels, decals and membrane switches. We were founded on the principle of earning our customer’s business through excellent customer service and delivery of exceptional products on-time.

Our founders began with the idea that they could service the market differently by outperforming the competition in every way. Founded in 1995, their hard work paid off with a growing customer base and business plan that purchased land in just four short years of operations. Today, our 25,200 square foot facility houses our state-of-the-art presses and finishing equipment.

Our story

All design engineering, development, manufacturing as well assembly are all done in-house. This gives our clients the options they need to deliver their products to market faster. Our tooling sources and many of our production supplies are sourced locally, providing a faster response time and less supply chain issues. Manufactures that rely on foreign print sources may take weeks to initiate a redesign followed by weeks to receive the finished parts.

A large part of our customers have been working with our company for over two decades. Many customers have come to utilize our team as an extension of their design, development as well as manufacturing. This relationship adds immense value to our clients when designing new products or rebranding by assuring their quality products are delivered on time.

If you are working with overseas manufacturers and something isn’t right, it can be weeks before a solution is corrected and shipped. Not only is valuable time lost, but the quality may also be an issue. Many overseas manufactures may use a broker that adds another layer of cost and time.

The broker may not have control of which print house is used at a given time, so materials (including ink) may not be what is called out on your prints. The conductive layers of a membrane more often are printed with a low grade silver ink that has additives to reduce cost and reliability.

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