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The American engineering & manufacturing difference

In light of the global markets and supply chains—which change almost by the week—American manufacturing is quickly becoming one of the best options to assure quality finished goods are shipping to customers on time. Sterling Screen Printing’s onsite team is available to react immediately to a project’s needs within the same day. We are able to re-engineer a sample quickly and have proofs and quotes in your inbox in a matter of hours, not weeks.

Why Sterling Screen Printing Inc?

Create a clean and functional masterpiece
with robust performance!

The first thing a user sees is more than likely your overlay graphics. Our capabilities will allow your product to stand out from the competition and secure your branding in the marketplace. We can use selective texture to gloss keypads while using a satin finish for other graphics. This can accentuate other graphics while allowing a tactile guide for the user’s fingers to “feel” the surface of a key location.

Color control is extremely important for branding to provide consistent visual recognition for end users. Our team has color control protocols that will keep the color the same run to run and order after order. Each custom overlay has its own processes recorded and sampled to assure consistent color and custom treatments are spot-on in every order.

Who we serve

Aerospace Industry


Industrial manufacturing

High-performance industrial graphics and membrane switches

& more


Solutions that provide value

Our proactive purchasing programs of raw material help mitigate the delay in procuring materials, which in turn provides our customers with the best possible ship dates in the industry. The long-term relationships we have cultivated with our suppliers directly translate to better prices for our client’s bottom line.


Benefits of working with
Sterling Screen Printing Inc.

Our multiple decades of experience can offer alternatives and suggestions to better serve your particular needs. We have a variety of production processes, inks, adhesives and materials available in-house. We can create and send samples for review/testing along with pricing.

  • Process controls that ensure each process is monitored for quality every step through production.
  • 100% functionally tested to ensure every switch contact, LED and trace are working properly.
  • Lead times that fit your requirements coupled with a philosophy that demands we earn your business.
  • Prototype programs with quick turnarounds for photographing, and first article approvals that will satisfy the most demanding schedules.
  • Complete design and engineering of control panel and subpanel with confirming blueprints and documentation.
  • Aggressive pricing combined with OEM programs that eliminate costly tool changes. Ask us about our “OEM product development program”

Rapid response prototyping

Many times a concept needs to be tested or presented to potential customers prior to a full commitment to production. Our prototyping program is designed to help you proof out a concept, catch any issues early as well as confirming fit and funtction. Our team is here to help reduce the cost of development and insure the product performs for your client.


Partner with experts

When our team partners with you on a project, it will be an extension of your company helping you navigate the correct design components for your application. Our team will help you select the best performing substrates and membrane components that offers the right protection and functionality for the most demanding applications.

About Sterling Screen Printing Inc.

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If you need a high-quality product delivered on time and completed to the highest standards, choose Sterling Screen Printing as your partner. We stand behind every part we produce, so you can trust us to meet your expectations. If you need one less component to worry about, give us a call today.