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Equipment labeling

Manufacturers need labels for branding purposes, labeling instructions and equipment warnings.

These products often have to survive multiple cleanings, abrasion and high temperatures. Sterling Screen Printing helps your engineers select the appropriate materials that will ensure that the branding, instructions and warnings are protected and last the life of the product.

How it works

Consult with our team

If you have a requirement that needs UL approved construction, give our team a call and we can assist your staff in selecting the right construction for a specific application.
There is liability/responsibility associated with correct/incorrect labeling, so this area cannot be overlooked. We are professionals with the experience and certifications to get it right.

Common materials

Some of the materials commonly used in labeling are:

  • Industrial grade vinyl with a clear coat or laminate for protection
  • Clear polyester with aggressive adhesive for low surface energy surfaces
  • Reverse printed graphics on clear polyester or polycarbonate

Features of our labels:

  • Custom adhesives that can adhere to low or high surface energy coatings, powder coated paints and metals
  • High-performance durability
  • Abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Specific construction for outdoor use/ UV exposure


These are a few of the many options we have to enhance your brand presentation. We can send examples on request.

Custom industrial
faceplates & overlays

Brand presence and your customers’ interface with your product are some of the most important aspects of your design. A good and well thought out graphic package for your product is so important. Why not work with our team of experts to find the right custom graphics to compliment your market goals?. We are here and ready to become an extension of your staff.

Graphics are only part of the equation, however. You will need a team that not only can give you great graphic solutions, but can also select adhesive systems and substrates that will assure your branding will be permanent. We have the technology to work in thousands of an inch, assuring your nameplate will fit into the recess or be cut within .010 on an inch.

Membrane switches

Custom membrane switches are an effective way to provide an interface to your product. There are many things to consider when designing a custom membrane. Do you wish to have tactile feedback, what is the profile of the end user and what environment will it need to perform in? Contact us today to see how we can help you build the perfect solution for your device.

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Some things to consider when designing a switch

  • How many cycles are required?
  • Are there any backlighting requirements?
  • Is there a display?
  • Are LEDs being used to locate functions?

Custom texture

One economical way to add value is to print a texture coat on the front surface. The texture print can enhance a logo or graphics by leaving it gloss or textured in a gloss background. The texture can also be used to guide the user’s fingers to a keypad. The only limit is your imagination.


Embossing is a process that uses a male and female die to form a plastic substrate into a keypad shape or even give a logo a raised look. This can add to the appeal of your product and also make it easier for the user to find the right key. Our team can help you select the best type of embossing for your product.

Contour cut nameplates

A contour cut graphic is just that: a graphic cut around its perimeter. These applications can provide a dimensional effect or the opposite as though the image is part of the surface and appears not to be a decal. There is no decal material edge, so the image only is in focus. Contour cut nameplates are a great way to add visual appeal to your product.

Transparent colors for backlit applications

We have multiple solutions for customers who need to highlight an LED with a specific color or need a widow area to be a “dead front”. We can engineer an ink to have your whites appear white and not yellow or dull. This is extremely important for bringing the vision of the product to life. Contact us today to see how we can help with your design.

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Example Of Transparent Window

Polyurethane dome nameplates

By applying a clear polymer resin to your graphics, you can really focus the user on your branding. Polyurethane dome nameplates have a unique three-dimensional appearance for visual appeal. Not only will this make your image more visually appealing, but it will also protect it from abrasion. We use resins that can take the exterior elements, so you can trust the product won’t yellow with time.

Roll labels

These cost effective labels are a way to provide labeling for instructions, wiring diagrams, and packaging at a fraction of the cost of other labels. Contact us today to see how these can be used in your design.

Other offerings

We also offer services for:

Custom Die Cutting


Custom Gaskets

Print Direct To Metal

Custom Laser Cutting

Custom Vinyl Cutting

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Our partnership will give you an excellent product on time and right the first time. We stand behind what we produce. Why wait? Let us perform for you giving you one less component to worry about.

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