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These Products Include sign panels, banners & posters, advertising and real estate signs, automobile door magnets, and decals.


Ovelay Design Sample

Permanent Three Dimensional Display

This demanding project required high-resolution four-color process images with perfect color matching as well as thermal diecutting of the various logos. The substrate was matched with a high performance adhesive to bond with low energy plastic. Sterling provided over thirty thousand decals; some with transfer tape and others applied to rigid backing. All design and production was performed under a demanding and compressed schedule.

Magnetic Signs

Utilizing the best material is an important consideration.
These magnetic signs were produced for the Military "Vehicle Preservation Society." By applying efficient production techniques Sterling was able to provide a higher quality magnet than the competitor with only a two- percent increase in cost.
The graphics were computer generated at no addition cost to the customer. Our product lasted longer, did not curl and stayed on the vehicle. This is an excellent example of providing the customer with the Sterling advantage.

Ovelay Design Sample
Ovelay Design Sample Four - Color Process Decals

This four-color decal illustrates both our capabilities and rapid response program. Confronted with a time schedule of only two days Sterling was able to receive a digital file via cable internet modify the file with special attributes to reduce moiré and dot interference, produce film, and deliver product with time to spare. By meeting our customers time requirements and demanding image criteria Sterling provides a level of service and value that is priceless in today's graphic marketplace.

Point of Purchase Headers

Display headers are the first image the prospective customer encounters. Hopefully the customer is drawn to the product within the display. With this application our customers wanted an image that you could taste with your eyes. By utilizing a very high resolution process that required seven passes and extreme attention to color value and dot gain our customer was more than happy. Sterling was able to provide a high-resolution image that was durable and less than the cost of a digital process. The image was so visually impressive that the inspection crew and customers reported that their saliva glands were actually stimulated when viewing the header.

Ovelay Design Sample
Ovelay Design Sample
Images on Metal

Visual illustration is becoming more pronounced as our customers try to educate or demonstrate their product with an image. This application required a magazine like quality on a metal plate. Using the most cutting edge technology Sterling was able to print with a 133-line screen directly to metal. In order to accomplish this a method of applying the ultraviolet ink to the metal had to be developed and tested. By using our large vendor resources and expertise we developed a method that was new to the industry. Sterling again went to great lengths to develop and design a process to fill our customer's needs.

Out Door Applications

Exterior signage has been screen printed for decades. Applying the correct technology with the application will provide the advantage. By applying a special clear coat Sterling was able to more than double the life span of this application. Facing southwest this signage was exposed to the sun and brutal Midwest elements requiring replacement every few years. With a small increase in price our customer was able see a large benefit with an increased life span of the product.

Ovelay Design Sample

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