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Industrial Products Include:
  • Durable - Printing on the back of a clear substrate or more commonly referred to as second surface printing the graphics are not easily marred and protected from abrasion and harsh chemicals. A second level of protection can be achieved by using a hard coated material that will prevent scratching of the top surface. Feel free to call us and we will help you determine the right material for your application.

  • Second surface graphics - Every product has a specified range of performance and life span. Our goal is to provide the highest quality product that fits your requirements and budget. If you need samples for testing or specific data on adhesives put our experience to work for you. Our dedicated and experienced staff can have a prototype for your review in a matter of a few days. From the simplest to the most demanding requirements count on Sterling to provide your product with excellence in graphic identification.

  • Versatile & Aesthetic - Overlays and name plates can be designed with varying transparent colors to complement different functions and lighting requirements. There are a wide variety of finishes available in different gloss levels and unique effects with selectively texturing that will compliment tactile feel and design. In the prototype stage of product development your engineers can count on our technical data and sampling to attain the exact effect for all your applications. The added value of our support will provide a product that will give you the edge needed in the market place.

    Industrial Printing Processes Include: Manufacturing Processes Include:
    Textures (non-glare, selective areas) Laminating (adhesive, premask, multilayer)
    Polycarbonate (Lexan) overlays, decals. Foil-stamping and Etching
    Polyester panels and controls Embossed for touch control in low light
    Printed circuit boards (solder mask) Hydroform switch panels to provide a third-dimension
    Steel (painted or bare) Braille embossing
    Aluminum (anodized or iridited) Die-cutting and Punching
    Printing Woodgrain patterns Bending and other machining operations
    Acrylic panels (transmissive color matches) Component Assembly

Ovelay Design Sample

AT&T Public Phone

In this application, we utilized second-surface graphics on a specially designed plastic that is resistant to ultraviolet damage, scratching and graffiti. If sprayed with paint can be cleaned with solvents that would damage other plastics. This nameplate replaced a first-surface enamel-printed label that marred easily causing the owner to scrape the entire component. Sterling reverse engineered the subassembly, supplied proofs and product two weeks ahead of schedule. These nameplates can be found in airports all over the world.

Medical Hand Set

The medical industry is demanding and exact. Sterling designed this complicated tool for a hand held laser surgery instrument in less than one day. Partnering with the customer's design engineer to exact the switch clearance and visual division of artwork attributes, we became a valuable asset to our customer's project.

Ovelay Design Sample
Ovelay Design Sample Construction Industry

Sterling was able to put its valuable experience to work in helping a customer meet the challenge of maintaining permanent warning placards. Normal vinyl decals are subject to chemical fading and they were not performing well in this demanding environment. In the heavy equipment industry, an improperly marked device can mean death or serious injury. By specifying a high performance film and printing on the reverse side of the placard, we made the warning safe from abrasion, ultraviolet fading and chemical damage.

Medical Warning Device

We provided selective texture by printing a coating to provide a different feel for this customer. This technology can add the unique benefit of 'guiding' the finger to a keypad. This application uses a pillow-embossed keypad and frosted LED openings. Sterling engineered this unique tool from a molded part, without blueprints or specifications. We calculated the correct switch travel and embossing height needed for customers' rushed application. Tens-of-thousands of these parts are in service without any failure yet.

Ovelay Design Sample

Added Value Benefits

One of the most valuable benefits of a partnership with Sterling is our ability to provide engineering and design parameters that enhance the client's product at an affordable price. Our complete documentation and rapid response can provide our customer's engineering staff with that edge that is so important in today's marketplace. Whether we reverse engineer a given part or subassembly, or work in tandem with your engineering staff, Sterling offers an advantage that is invaluable to your projects success.

After all, it's just a chassis without the proper application of graphics.


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