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Membrane switch technology

Membrane switch technology has become a reliable user interface solution where environmental concerns or frequent cleaning are an issue. The sealed nature of the technology coupled with its reliability and ability to offer tremendous aesthetic flexibility make it the solution of choice for many industries.

The "Sterling Advantage" Program

Every client has their own unique set of product development parameters when a choice is made to utilize membrane switch technology. Sterling's success lies in our ability to provide prototyping services, rebate incentives and annual pricing structures to accommodate each individual customer's needs. The "Sterling Advantage" Program is a direct benefit to our customers and is recognized as an added value that can reduce costs as well. Call today at 800- 373-1675 to see what benefits we can offer.

Membrane Switches

A membrane switch or touch panel is a momentary switch device that makes direct contact and has at least one contact that is on or is made of a flexible substrate. Membrane switches, the cornerstone of Sterling's product offerings, represents an economical, flexible, reliable and effective option for your input device.

The Anatomy of a Membrane Switch

A membrane switch can be constructed in many ways depending on the features that will be required. This illustration depicts the most common layers and materials used in membrane switch construction. There are many options available. Feel free to consult us with any questions or unusual design requirements.


Sterling has the ability to incorporate a multitude of features into your membrane switch in order to meet the performance requirements and the value-added effect you desire:

  • Metal Dome Tactile Membrane Switch
  • Poly Dome Tactile Membrane Switch
  • Embossed Keypads
  • ESD, RFI and EMI Shielding
  • Embedded Technologies
  • Fiber Optic Backlighting
  • Electroluminescent Backlighting
  • Forming
  • PCB Integration
  • Multiple Connector Options
  • Fabricated Metal Subpanels
  • 4 Color Process Screen Printing
  • Crossthrough Technology (An environmentally safe alternative to Cross Overs)


Sterling not only offers full design and manufacturing capabilities, but we guarantee our customers will receive the most cost effective pricing for both small and large volume membrane switch purchases.

The success of any membrane switch design is greatly enhanced by the effective communication between the design engineers and the membrane switch vendor. Both our on staff Electrical Engineer and Senior Project Manager will work diligently to cost effectively meet your design parameters and provide solutions that add both value and profit to your products.

A membrane switch offers a low cost, reliable alternative to mechanical switches. In comparison, a membrane switch design creates a thinner, more attractive operational device with both versatile and economical alternatives. In addition, tooling costs are economical utilizing a steel rule die or laser cutting process. Advise your Sterling representative of any specific requirements for your switch. There are design options that can address your particular needs: Each membrane switch is 100% tested before leaving our facility. Certification can be provided with each delivery of switches.

The Benefits of Membrane Switch Designs

  • Metal Dome Tactile Membrane Switch
  • Backlighting options include conventional light sources, electroluminescent or fiber-optic
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Easy to clean
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Low profile
  • Low cost
  • Longevity
  • Simple field replacement and on-site servicing limitations

Sterling Design Support

Whether you require support to design a membrane switch or you simply need our advice on a current application, Sterling is eager to apply its abundant design knowledge to provide solutions. This experience and our attention to detail ensure the products we design will exceed your expectations in looks, performance and reliability.

Call Sterling Screen Printing, Inc. today at 800-373-1675. We are anxious to be a partner in your success by adding value and profit to one of your most important components… your customer's interface.


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